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The Sixth Brussels International Forum for the Culture of Peace "with an exhibition of plastic arts"


Friday, April 28, 2023 at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 28 April 2023 Rue Wiertz 60 ; B-1047 Bruxelles Bruxelles Le samedi 29 avril 2023 Boulevard de Waterloo 103, 1000 Bruxelles

1. Visiting the European Parliament and the Museum of the European Union to learn about their experience
2. Urging producers to produce cinematic, theatrical, musical and plastic works targeting children to educate them and spread a culture of tolerance and acceptance of others among them.
3. Enhancing women's leadership role in building the family, the country and the world towards a culture of peace
4. Holding conferences and seminars by specialists in cultural and economic sciences to educate the world on the importance of peace, tolerance, acceptance of others, and cultural exchange between peoples.
5. Calling for the need to review the educational, cultural and economic systems in order to further spread the culture of peace and tolerance
6. Work to find common ground to create a cultural and educational system aimed at tolerance and acceptance of the other
Within the global educational programs
7. Awareness of the need to exploit the technological and informational revolution to spread love, tolerance and acceptance of the other
8. Rejecting discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sectarianism or tribalism among the peoples of the world

Topics covered:
1. The academic and psychological research focus of shared life for a culture of peace
2. The focus of cultural, economic and artistic works calling for spreading the culture of peace
3. Women's leadership role in building society and solving its problems
4. Official figures most influential in the culture of peace for the past year 2022
5. Honoring and distributing certificates and shields to those who excel in cultural work for peace