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Exhibition of the culture of peace and Arabic calligraphy


Artists participating in the Global Peace Culture Exhibition for Fine Art Artist Mukhtar Al-Hijami • Spanish painter • Belgian resident of Moroccan origin • Country: Kingdom of Spain Calligrapher Aref Mahmoud A known calligrapher • A resident of Belgium of Iraqi origin • Country: Kingdom of Belgium The actress, Azraa Al-Mufti Dutch painter • Iraqi origin, education and upbringing • Country: The Kingdom of the Netherlands 49. Painter Samira Bakhash • Painter of Belgian nationality and residency • Syrian origin and upbringing • Country: Kingdom of Belgium Potter Hala Mousawi • A Belgian plastic artist specializing in ceramics • Of Iraqi origin, birth and upbringing • Country: Kingdom of Belgium


Brussels International Forum

for a culture of peace

Sixth session 2023

With an exhibition of fine arts

28-29 April 2023

the introduction :

The Belgian European-Arab Organization for Cultural Exchange coordinates with a number of international organizations and institutions - The International Youth Organization for Human Rights - The British Network of Ambassadors of Quality and Excellence

Inviting important personalities from all over the world to

"Brussels International Forum for the Culture of Peace" Sixth Edition 2023

In order to promote a culture of tolerance and acceptance of the other, rejecting extremism and terrorism, preventing spreading fear and backwardness among large sectors of society, especially youth, children and women, and establishing a global project for the culture of peace, and for this purpose, elites from different countries of the world gather to confirm these principles and determine future courses of action for a culture of intellectual and societal peace in all countries. Countries of the world.
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