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European Arab Academy for Studies and Training


he definition: An academic institution interested in postgraduate studies and training in the human and theoretical fields. It is also active in the fields of training, applied fields, linguistics and art, and it is one of the institutions of the Euro-Arab Organization for Cultural Exchange. The headquarters is in Liège, in the Belgian kingdom, and has opened branches throughout the Kingdom and countries of the world. A non-profit academic institution that includes helping Arab students complete their higher education or training in areas necessary for the Arab labor market The activities of the Academy are supervised by professors of the higher scientific and university level in various scientific and humanitarian fields.

Conditions of registration and admission:
Applicants must be postgraduate students, and they must have a license from an Arab or foreign university accredited and approved by the official authorities.
The license must be compatible with the major in which the student intends to complete his studies.
The period of study for a master’s degree is two years and for a doctorate degree is 3 years from the date of registration and payment of the registration fee.
The duration of training in professional and applied fields is left to the Academic Registration Department to determine the conditions, qualifications and period.

Departments and Specializations:
1. Public administration
2. The economy
3. Political science
4. The law
5. The Arabic language
6. History
7. Geography
8. Foreign languages
9. Religions
10. Mathematics
11. Statistics
12. Education
13. Teaching methods
14. World Heritage
15. Department of Quality and Academic Accreditation
Note: The study is in Arabic.

Study in the academy:
The study must be done by correspondence and on the Internet, where the title and topic of the research are determined in agreement with the supervisor and the university president.
There is no specific start date for studies and it depends on agreement with the supervisor and payment of tuition fees.
The prescribed tuition fees must be paid either in full or in two parts.
 Before the start of the study, the documents must be complete and certified before the start of the study

The required documents :
1. The license certificate is certified and authenticated.
2. A copy of the passport
3. A copy of the ID card
4. 4 photos

Conditions for obtaining the diploma:
Prepare a thesis or study termination note in coordination with the supervisor, and fulfill all conditions for discussion and approval by the supervisor and the recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee.
The dissertation is discussed in an open session by a committee of specialists, including the supervisor.
Graduates obtain a specialization certificate according to which the Academy is committed to documenting it to the competent authorities and in accordance with the principles.

 And provide the graduate with the following documents:
 Graduation certificate confirmation letter in Arabic and English
An accredited certificate in Arabic and English
The average is in Arabic and English from the first year of the MA
The academy welcomes students who wish to study, and the application is via e-mail.

Honorary doctorate
An honorary doctorate is intended for people who have been unable to pursue their classical studies.
And they leave an impact and production much more important than some theses by giving them this scientifically correct value because the value of a scientific person is not the university degree that he obtains, but rather the production of cultural, political and economic knowledge and its role in life.
Therefore, it is the process of morally honoring the person and the humanitarian institution, and the honorary doctorate is a matter of appreciation and admiration for the efforts and actions made by the supervisor or presented to the community or community institutions, including humanitarian work.

Awarded an honorary doctorate
The Academy also awards an honorary doctorate degree to European and Arab personalities in order to embody the organization’s policy and philosophy regarding the establishment and consolidation of European-Arab relations in the fields of science, culture, friendship and peace between peoples, according to the following considerations:
1. The candidate must be distinguished and enthusiastic to achieve the goals and philosophy of the Academy in the scientific and professional fields, and to play a vital role in consolidating European-Arab relations in all fields.
2. Contributing to building and strengthening future European-Arab relations
3. Has a humanitarian and strategic vision towards global humanitarian problems
4. He has a distinguished career and a future perspective in serving and developing European-Arab relations
         A humanitarian with a high standing against racism and extremism
5. He believes in Arab-European cooperation in his official and personal stances
6. Development of scientific and cultural cooperation between European countries and the Arab world.