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Brussels International Forum "Pandemic and world peace" 30-29 October 2021

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Conference Objectives To highlight the innovators in the medical, humanitarian and cultural fields and to introduce them internationally Rehabilitation of culture as a priority in the civilized project.2 Contribute to rebuilding a base for renewed civilizational cultural exchange.3 Supporting a rational approach in the human heritage to encourage humanitarian volunteer work.4 Honoring the personalities who distinguished themselves during the epidemic all over the world. .5 Forum axes 1. The center of medical information for the origin and future of the epidemic 2. The focus of cultural works in support of humanitarian efforts 3. The hub of cultural, medical and artistic exchange 4. Awarding the title of ambassadors of quality and excellence to the distinguished during the epidemic for the owners of institutions And its distinguished medical, academic, cultural and voluntary workers Distinguished humanity in the world.

Conditions for granting the title of ambassadors of quality and excellence 1. To be one of the personalities who have had an influence during the epidemic, medically or academically Academically and culturally distinguished in their countries 2. To be a believer in the principles of human culture to develop society and renounce violence Rejecting sectarianism and racism 3. He must submit his complete nomination papers - passport, a personal photo and copies of documents Which prove his initiatives with a brief biography Mechanisms and criteria for admission and selection The ambassadors are chosen by a specialized committee of representatives of the organizers of the forum from the countries of the world headed by the President of the European-Arab Academy for Belgian Studies and Training The nomination window will close on October 20, 2021 Title Perks 1. Represents quality ambassadors in joint national and international events and activities 2. It allows ambassadors to participate in meetings and conference sessions in Belgium and Europe 3. The ambassadors of quality and excellence are invited to international conferences and events organized by the organizations participating in the forum 4. The ambassador obtains an official accreditation certificate documented by the British Network of Quality and Excellence Ambassadors and the European-Arab Organization for Belgian Cultural Exchange. Conference program details 1. Place of residence - Brussels 2. Day 10/28 Reception 3. On 10/29 a visit to the Museum of the European Union and the European Parliament The Acromium is one of the famous landmarks of Brussels 4. On 10/30, the “Pandemic and World Peace” conference and honoring the personalities 5. On 10/31/visit the main square "Grand Place" in the center of the capital, Brussels 6. Day 11/1 Forum conclusion Registration and expiry date Registration starts from Monday 27 September 2021 The last date for registration is 10/20/2021 Post Categories 1. All creators in the various medical, academic, scientific, media and cultural sectors 2. Hospitals, universities, media and economic institutions 3. Humanitarian volunteer teams in all fields 4. Media Certifications and Membership 1. A certificate of participation and a shield of the forum is granted along with the certificates of the workshops approved by its authorities For those coming from outside Europe 2. Awarding the title of Ambassador of Quality and Excellence to the elected personalities Conference details on October 30th In a large hall in the center of the capital, Brussels 1. Grand Opening Ceremony In person and online 2. Words and studies 3. Poetry and play by the way Closing ceremony and honoring the pioneers of European and Arab cultural creativity 4. 5. Signing international cooperation protocols between the institutions organizing the forum.