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The Third Brussels International Forum for a Culture of Peace on Saturday 3 July 2021 with European

03/07/2021 To

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Boulevard de waterloo 103 1000 bruxelles

Dr. Isam Al-Badri, President of the European-Arab Organization for Belgian Cultural Exchange and Head of the British Network of Quality and Excellence Ambassadors, announced the organization of the “Third Brussels International Forum for a Culture of Peace” On the ground in the capital of the European Union, Brussels, with a limited European and Arab participation, to the instructions of the authorities due to the Corona pandemic, despite the great improvement in the epidemiological situation in Belgium, and the number and time of gatherings within the halls were determined, and the forum will witness The opening of a plastic exhibition for the painter Samira Bakhash from Syria residing in Brussels. 1. A welcome from the writer Majid Belhaloumi, the director of the forum. She is an artist and writer from Morocco, residing and holding Belgian citizenship for years. 2. Dr. Essam Al-Badri, the forum's president, gave a welcome speech to mark the start of the forum, which is the third of its kind 3. Madame Myriam Zunken, the patron of the forum, is a human rights activist from the Flemish region, and she often cooperates with us on these cultural events. 4. Novelist Hani Naqshbandi - Saudi Arabia, the network's direct supervisor, a well-known writer and journalist, and was the head of the editorial board of many magazines and presenting programs on satellite stations. 5. Poet Dr. Adalah Jaradat - Palestine A Palestinian activist and poet in the field of culture and human rights from Nazareth, the land of our Lord Jesus 6. The poet Dr. Halima Dawas - Palestine. She is also a poet from Nazareth and has a presence in the literary scene in Palestine 7. The poet Dr. Asaad Diab - Syria is a Syrian folk poet residing in Belgium. He has a humanitarian association based in Brussels. 8. Activist Rachida Kerrachi - France A collective activist from Morocco, residing in France, and she has made many contributions by organizing festivals related to Moroccan folklore in France, Belgium and Morocco 9. Poet Yassin Al-Ali - Germany A Syrian poet residing in Germany as a refugee after he fled the situation in Syria after the war 10. Poet Wiam Al-Sawadi - Netherlands A Dutch poet of Iraqi origin who has many cultural and political activities in Holland and Europe 11. Counselor Muhammad Al-Shammari - Belgium Member of OEAEC and Human Rights Officer in the Belgian Euro-Arab Organization for Cultural Exchange 12. The vocalist Malika Nour - Morocco is a well-known artist in Belgium and Europe of Moroccan origin. She is good at singing and muwashahat. 13. Signing books by Dr. Adalah + Dr. Halima have books to sign and distribute to the participants in the forum 14. Distribution of certificates of appreciation to all participants, which will be two certificates for the most influential figure in the culture of peace 15. Closing from the writer Majid Belhaloumi, director of the forum The certificates of the most influential person in the culture of peace have already been awarded to: 1. The poet Dr. Souad Al-Sabah from Kuwait 2. Dr. Sultan Muhammad Al Qasimi from the United Arab Emirates 3. The educator, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Baghali from the State of Kuwait