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International Forum of Culture of Peace 2

26/03/2020 To

09:30 To

The second Brussels International Forum for a Culture of Peace in the Belgian capital, Brussels For the period from 26-30 March 2020

1. Introduction The Euro-Arab Organization for Cultural Exchange OEAEC, cooperates with a number of European organizations and institutions, to invite important personalities from all over the world to conclude a global act of the culture of peace. That of tolerance of mutual respect, acceptance of others, rejection of extremism and terrorism, from childhood. 2. The project description • Raise awareness of academic research on this topic. • Encourage and promote cultural and artistic works in this area. • Nominate and honor influential personalities in spreading the culture of peace in 2018 with the distribution of certificates. 3. Objectives / Purpose • Fight stereotypical ideas of hatred and rejection of the other, integrating much more "the culture of peace" into education systems. • Highlight the need for the rapprochement of civilizations and cultures. • Encourage artistic productions, especially those aimed at children, to make them aware of the "culture of peace" from an early age. • Organize conferences and seminars by inviting scientists and specialists to develop critical thinking and objective analysis. • Sensitize religious authorities to the need to put even more emphasis on the rejection of "exclusion from the other", in order to confront fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism. • To call attention to the need to use the technological revolution and social networks to fight against hatred and rejection of others because of their ethnic, philosophical, ideological or religious affiliations. • Support intellectual freedom and freedom of expression.