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In accordance with the rules of procedure of the Belgian Ministry of Justice No. 0669543983 and published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Belgium No. 17301603 1. All institutions of culture, art, media and independent personalities that have interests related to the work of the organization and its objectives the right to acquire membership 2. The membership of the Organization shall be required to apply to the General Secretariat of the Organization to express its desire to gain membership in the Organization 3. The applicant shall pay the required annual contribution according to his financial capacity and his desire between 20-120 euros according to the rules of procedure of the Organization by transferring funds to the organization's account in Belgium IBAN: BE92 0689 3167 4923 BIC: GKCCBEBB ORGINSATION EURO-ARAB POUR LE CHANGE CULTUREL 4. The General Secretariat shall issue a decision to accept the new member and shall exercise his duties immediately after the issuance of the decision 5. All members of the Organization shall enjoy equal rights and duties 6. Membership of the Associate shall continue unless it is withdrawn from the Secretariat by reason of the absence of three sessions or the performance of the annual subscription or damage to the reputation of the Organization by the work or statement or non-participation in the various activities of the Organization,

The main objectives: • The organization aims to: • Promoting Euro-Arab cultural exchange • Encouraging the cultural production of artists in the Arab world on European soil • Strengthening the Arab cultural presence in Belgium and other European countries • Promoting Arab culture for new generations.