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International Social Responsibility Forum


The conference aims to achieve the following objectives: 1- Highlight the practices of individuals, institutions and companies in the fields of business, media, culture, art and social and human services. 2. Highlight positive and distinctive initiatives in various fields to serve society. 3 - To spread awareness of the importance of social responsibility and its real role in the progress and growth of societies. 4. Supporting development issues through enhancing the value of social responsibility and its important macroeconomic role.

Conference Themes:
Theme 1: Social Responsibility: Concept and Importance:
1. The concept and importance of social responsibility.
2. Types of social responsibility.
3. Objectives of social responsibility.
4. Characteristics of social responsibility.
5. Areas of social responsibility.
6 - The role of individuals in promoting the concept of social responsibility and work to improve it.
7 - Activating the practice of social responsibility.
8. Local and global individual experiences in the field of social responsibility.
The second axis: Corporate social responsibility:
1 - The importance of social responsibility of enterprises and companies in improving the services provided to the community.
2. Corporate social responsibility priorities.
3. Social responsibility and its relation to job performance.
4- Developing the skills and self-abilities of youth of both sexes and investing them in the service of society.

Theme 3: Awareness of social responsibility and development.
1 - The role of the media in raising awareness of the importance of social responsibility.
2. Effective mechanisms for effective social responsibility.
3. Develop knowledge in the field of social responsibility as a basis for sustainable development in society.