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Brussels International Forum for Cultural Exchange


The general objective of the forum is a cultural and scientific communication between all countries of the world

The aim of the conference is to highlight the creators in the cultural fields and introduce them internationally. 1 Re-consideration of culture as a priority in the civilizational project. 2 To contribute to rebuilding the base for a renewed civilizational cultural exchange. 3. Intercultural support a rational orientation in Arab heritage and culture. Contemporary 5. The convergence of cultures and the creation of points of convergence in the various fields. 6 Culturally, he rejected the logic of isolation and regards dialogue with all of the West. 7 And the East is a strategic necessity in order to correct the relationship between peoples. Considering the world an intertwined unity and dialogue does not mean giving up. 8 private culture and civilization or recognizing the reality of hegemony but rather a tool for self-rebuilding and more investment of global energies, gains and knowledge.