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New member / D. Hamid Karhila


Dr. Hamid Karhila Hammadi / State of the Comoros Accept membership good greeting: On behalf of and on behalf of the Board of Directors of the European-Arab Organization for Belgian Cultural Exchange, registered in the Belgian Ministry of Justice, I am pleased to have the number 0669543983 registered in the European Union at -23134611933052 In view of the completion of membership requirements and your distinguished activity, the Board of Directors has decided to accept your request to join the Euro-Arab Organization for Belgian Cultural Exchange and to consider you as the Organization's Advisor in Kuwait as of 24/5/2019. Blessed are you and we join the march of our Organization for cultural exchange among peoples Your participation and sponsorship is a foundation for your continuous efforts in volunteering to serve the culture and peace It is God's success 28/5/2019

Dr. Hamid Karhila Hamad / Former Minister of State / Islamic Studies / Comoros

Personal Information:

Full name: Hamid Karhila Hamad Nationality: Comoros

Date of Birth: 20 May 1958 Place of Birth: Mabini

Social status:

Married and father of five children.


Tel .: 0559 333 (00269)


- PhD in Islamic Studies with excellent grade in the Institute of Research and Studies of the Islamic World at Omdurman University in Sudan. 2005

Thesis Title: The Impact of Islam on the Formation of Social Behavior in the Comoros.

- Certificate of in-depth studies (MA) in political social science at the University of Paris 8 1995

The title of the research: Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz: his justice and biography among his flock through the biography and biography of Omar bin Abdul Aziz bin Jawi (in French)

- BA in Arabic Language with excellent grade in the Faculty of Language at the Islamic University of Madinah, 1988

Title of Supplementary Study: A Literary Study of the Age of the Nile Poet (Hafez Ibrahim).

Working Life:

- Former Minister of State in charge of cooperation with the Arab world in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1 June 2016 to August 2018

- Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Comoros to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1998-2006

Permanent Representative of the Comoros to the Organization of the Islamic Conference 1998-2006

- Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Comoros to the State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. 2000-2006

- Special Adviser to the President of the Republic 1997-1998

- Head of External Relations and Translation Department, Presidency of the Republic 1996-1997