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New membership / Mr. Ibrahim Tahir Ahmed Albghali


Al-Baghli is the owner and founder of Mabrat Al-Baghli for the Pure Son, a leading Kuwaiti social organization that organizes educational programs and instills the life of virtue and good habits in the Kuwaiti society, especially the mainland in all its forms, especially the land of the parents and supports the aspects of creativity, culture and literature. Annual in several areas, including the righteous son, short story writing, photography, plastic arts, poetry and folk poetry.

The British-based Center for Intellectual Creativity chose Ibrahim Al-Baghli as the Person of the Year in 2018, in recognition of his efforts during the years to serve the community and social issues inside and outside Kuwait, especially in spreading the culture of the importance of righteousness among parents among young people.
In 2007, Al-Baghli launched a competition for the Al-Baghli Prize for the Pure Son in Kuwait, during which he selected through a committee of specialists 10 winners of the righteous son and honored a group of Kuwaitis who have served Kuwait in various fields. Tahir Al-Baghli for the Righteous Son, who celebrated this year's 11th edition of the award

Al-Baghli has worked hard since the launch of the award in 2007 to expand to be later a series of contests extends all segments of the social and contribute to the dissemination of the culture of righteousness to parents on the widest scale was cooperation with the Ministry of Education to engage secondary students in the competitions of students in volunteer work and short story and scouts and guides
Al-Baghli Competition for the Holy Son also expanded to become a series of contests including the short story in honoring parents, photography, painting, poetic poetry and Nabataean poetry.
And worked to spread the idea of ​​the competition abroad at the level of the Gulf States and Arab countries. He made a proposal to the United Nations to adopt the World Day of Righteousness for Parents